Amidst a bustling Sydney bar with countless faces and stories, the smokiness of the freshly wood fired pizza filled the air; the wine was flowing, laughter bellowed throughout the venue and it may very well be a twist fate that brought the creators of Pellegrini’s, Jeet and Giovanni together that night.

It was a simple question that sparked a conversation between the two at the bar as they sipped their whiskey, “What brings you here tonight?”, a simple question that was the start of a culinary journey both of them did not expect.

Not only did they form a wonderful friendship after that night, their passion for great food, particularly Italian food; and their shared experience of the joy that comes with sharing a meal with your loved ones is the reason why they both decided to take a leap of faith and open their very own Italian restaurant together.

With Giovanni’s in-depth knowledge, passion and over 10 years of experience in hospitality in both Italy and Australia and Jeet’s passion for delicious food and successful entrepreneurship, Pellegrini’s was born.

Pellegrini’s is all about sharing great food with good friends and fun with your loved ones. The menu is traditionally italian with a modern Australian twist using fresh, locally-sourced produce and authentic Italian herbs and ingredients – some of our recipes are even from Giovanni’s very own family cookbook!

You’ll find a range of items on our menu, from traditional italian wood fired pizza to pasta and risotto – as well as succulent bbq ribs and fresh seafood, we truly cater to everyone’s palette to ensure everyone can enjoy their experience.

Everything on our menu is made fresh daily in our kitchen by our wonderful chefs – from our pizza bases to arancini, pasta sauces to our tiramisu, to make you and your loved ones feel right at home.

We welcome you to experience Pellegrini’s and take a moment to share a meal with your loved ones!


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