Pellegrini’s Seafood Restaurant

Located in the heart of one of the most breath taking cities in the world, Sydney, Australia, Pellegrini’s Seafood Restaurant overlooks the beautiful Sydney Harbour in a unique harbour side location with the ultimate outdoor areas ideal for alfresco style dining.Our Team’s passion for food, some of the best seafood produce available, and a stunning location, are the perfect ingredients to creating the best recipe for a perfect atmosphere.

Pellegrini’s started out as a small restaurant located in the heart of Positano, Italy. Since 1968, Pellegrini’s restaurant has been in the family, making it our soul, and our passion for over 50 years. Picture this; a late Sunday afternoon spent in one of the most spectacular places on earth, the Amalfi Coast, watching the sun set over the beautiful Mediterranean Sea, enjoying an authentic Italian meal, there’s not much better than this! This is what we have brought to you in Sydney, a beautiful location, true Italian flavours and an eating experience you will never forget.

A little background of our home…

To us at Pellegrini’s, Italy is our home, more specifically, the Amalfi Coast. Brightly coloured homes, pebble stone beaches and seafood are what we live and breathe. At home, we catch all our own seafood, some of my fondest memories are sitting out on the small dinged-up fishing boat with my father in the summer time. From before the sun rose, we used to sit out there in the breathtaking Mediterranean for hours on end and go swimming around the Blue Grotto if the fish were not biting. After we returned from our morning of fishing, we would

carry our nets of fish up the stairs carved into the Amalfi cliffs to our small restaurant overlooking the entire town. Sunset was the most magical time of day, the water would glisten with pink and orange colours and the lights would start to turn on like little fairy lights lighting up the entire town.

You will see a beautiful artwork custom screen printed on our waiter’s t-shirts. This artwork was drawn by Alesandro when he was 13 years old and truly captures the simplicity, beauty and innocence of our home town.

We chose the beautiful setting of Sydney Harbour to bring Pellegrini’s to because it reminded us of home, stunning in all its own unique natural beauty. Inspired by our heritage, our signature taste is fresh and quality seafood with a hint of Italian flavour, finely tuned to culinary perfection by our team of cooking experts. We specialise in giving our customers the best dining experience possible with great service, excellent food and an exciting yet relaxing atmosphere. In true Italian style, we express ourselves through our food, passion, warmth and devotion.
It is important to us that our customers receive the best quality food possible which is why we pride ourselves on using the best quality seafood available. Bought fresh everyday from the local fish markets, our seafood is of high quality and meets the high standards we set for our meals. Our meals are creative, yet classic, creating a unique experience for the diner and giving them a taste of our hometown. We look forward to seeing you down with us, buona mangiata!